PUKEKURA PARK - House by the zoo

House by the Zoo

This attractive bungalow was constructed for Newton King in 1925, and was designed by noted New Plymouth architect Thomas Herbert Bates. Bates advertised for tenders for its construction in early August 1925, but construction appears to have been delayed for some months, with a permit for its construction not being granted by the Borough Council until 13 November 1925.  F. D. Payne was the builder, and the estimated construction cost was £1275.

Newton King had the bungalow built for his son Waldyne who at the time was employed by his father as a chauffeur.

When Brooklands was handed over to the Park Committee in late 1933 the house was unoccupied. The electric range, copper and tubs having been removed had to be replaced before the house could be inhabited.

Once refitted various staff members lived in the house such as; Alex Dent, Arthur Cleaver, Albert James, Mr Rae, Tom and Shona Wagstaff lived there from 1955 until Christmas 1961. For 10 years from 1962 Alan and Gael Jellyman resided in this house, Alan was at first assistant curator to John Goodwin, then became deputy director and later director of parks. Glyn Church and his wife Gail lived there from 1978 – 81. Ken Davey and his wife Adrienne occupied the house following the Church’s. It being alongside the nursery was convenient as Ken was manager of the Parks Department Nursery.

In 2022 the house was converted into an Envirohub. The concept of the Envirohub is a place or location where local groups to learn about appreciation, enhancement and protection of local environments. It is hoped that the hub will be a place where ideas, knowledge and resources can be shared for positive environmental outcomes by promoting every day actions that can be easily applied for a sustainable future.